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The Dangers of Fast Fashion


Nowadays fashion causes terrible natural pollution and waste that we can’t even imagine. We call it 'Fast Fashion'. Fashion is now the second biggest industry that is causing the most pollution in the world after oil and it produces 20 percent of water waste.

Do you know exactly what part of fashion pollutes the nature? We have a clear answer to that:

  • The textile that companies use to produce the clothing

The toxic chemicals used to manufacture textiles are major sources of pollution. Polyester, nylon and acrylic don’t exist naturally but are made in factories and are the most used fabrics in the fashion. By the way, polyester is made of the same exact material used to make plastic bottles: polyethylene terephthalate or PET.

To make 1kg of fabric means producing 23 kg of greenhouse gasses. And on top of that, textile production generates more CO2 than maritime transport or air travel.

  • New collections coming out every week or month / Sales

Fast fashion brands create new collections regularly - tempting us to shop again and throw away our current clothing because it is not trendy anymore. Also the quality of the Fast fashion garments drops quickly which makes us renew our wardrobe. Eighty billion pieces of clothing are purchased globally every year. Compared to 20's, the average person bought 60-80% less and kept them for half as long.

That is why for our garments we use linen that is an all-natural luxurious fibre that requires no chemicals for production on processing. It is sustainable and nature friendly.

We kindly ask you to review the habits you have regarding your clothes and to analyze how environmentally friendly you live.

What material are your clothes made of?
How often do you change your wardrobe content?


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